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Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Looking for bathroom cabinets and vanities?

Custom bathroom cabinets are a great way to add style, storage space and functionality to your bathroom. There are many styles available, so you will be able to find one that suits your taste.

You want bathroom cabinets that not only look good but also function well. The bathroom can be one of the most utilized rooms in your home, so bathroom cabinets should provide enough storage for all bathroom essentials.

Contact us today about custom made bathroom cabinetry! We offer a variety of materials from wood or stone with glass doors for an elegant touch!

Benefits of having custom bathroom cabinets:

  • You’ll have a bathroom you love.
  • Your bathroom will be uniquely your own.
  • No more ugly bathroom cabinets in the way of your style!
  • You’ll make any guests that come over feel special with an amazing bathroom.

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Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities

It is important to create bathroom cabinets and vanities that not only look good but also function well. The bathroom can be one of the most utilized rooms in your home, so bathroom cabinets should provide enough storage for all bathroom essentials.

A solid bathroom cabinet can be made out of many different varieties of wood. If you choose a wooden bathroom vanity, make sure that it is crafted from wood pieces that are finished with an appropriate protective sealant to prevent damage caused by moisture.

There are many different types of bathroom vanities, but most bathroom cabinets fall into one of these categories:

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Bathroom Sink Cabinets

If you have chosen to place your bathroom sink against the bathroom wall, then you can install bathroom cabinets over it or on each side. These bathroom cabinets are also known as bathroom sink base units and they will be designed to support any necessary plumbing fixtures that surround your bathroom sink such as a toilet and bathtub/shower depending on its location within the bathroom.

If you intend to keep this bathroom vanity open at all times in order for the fixtures beneath it to stay accessible, then bathroom cabinets with glass doors will be a great choice. You can also choose bathroom cabinets that are completely enclosed or those that have open storage inside them; it all depends on your needs and preferences.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets

These bathroom cabinets commonly occupy space in the bathroom that is not available for other bathroom fixtures such as the bathroom sink. Bathroom wall cabinet designs may vary greatly depending on their location within the bathroom and whether they connect to other bathroom cabinet pieces or not.  When designing your bathroom layout, you should try placing a small dresser over where this piece of bathroom furniture will go so you can see how much usable storage space there really is in this area of the spacious room.  Wall mounted bathroom cabinets are most commonly used in bathroom spaces where there is not enough bathroom wall space to install bathroom vanity cabinets.

If you have chosen a minimalist bathroom look, then a sleek wall mounted glass door cabinet will go nicely with that style of bathroom design.  But, if you need more storage and display room in your bathroom, then bathroom cabinets that are open may be the best option for you.

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shower bathroom cabinets

Shower Bathroom Cabinets

These custom made bathroom fixtures are attached directly onto the walls surrounding the shower stall or tub area of your master bath layout. This bathroom cabinet design is a bathroom vanity with built in drawers and shelves that are utilized to organize bathroom storage, bathroom necessities and bathroom faucets.

Shower bathroom cabinets can either have open shelving or enclosed doors; if you choose bi-fold shower bathroom vanities then you will also be choosing wood bathroom cabinets with glass doors for your space-saving bathroom storage needs.  Make sure when considering this bathroom fixture that there is enough room behind the piece of bathroom furniture to allow access for plumbing fixtures.  If not, then your shower bath vanity may end up being put somewhere else where it does not look like it belongs.

Corner Bathroom Cabinets

If an L shaped bathroom layout suits your living arrangement best, then bathroom cabinets in the bathroom corner will be a bathroom vanity option for you.  These bathroom cabinets are usually installed along one bathroom wall and they will be placed perpendicular to the bathroom doorway to maximize bathroom design potential in your small L shaped bathroom space.

Whether you choose bathroom vanities that are open shelving with glass doors or those that have enclosed storage, corner bathroom cabinets will add great value to any L shaped bathroom layout.  If you opt for an L shape, keep in mind though that this bathroom fixture can take up a lot of valuable floor space; make sure there is still enough room left over for another household necessity such as a laundry area or perhaps even an extra bedroom if it suits your needs.

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Having our cabinets custom made with our kitchen and bathroom remodel, allowed us the flexibility to choose all aspects of our home… which we just loved!

Christine M - Southlake, TX

I am so grateful for the level of service they provided and how attentive every person in their team was during the project. We always felt that our opinion mattered and was being heard.

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Using you guys for our home remodel was the best decision! I would recommend them for any project you’re considering whether it be small or large scale renovations.

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From the moment they started working on our new custom kitchen cabinets we knew we made the right choice. We are now proud of our new kitchen and living space.

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